How to recover lost photos from Sony a7 E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor ILCE-7 Body/Kit

Sony a7 E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor ILCE-7 Body/Kit have 24.3 megapixel camera with a7's 35mm full frame Exmor sensor. This Sony camera have the latest BIONZ X processor. This camera model have the most beautiful form look and robust function. The camera model also have light in weight and its body weight 25% smaller than leading DSLRs. This camera offers outstanding detail, sensitive and quality. Camera have advance auto focus feature with 117 focus points at a time and accuracy of contract deletion. The one of the most advance technology of this camera is more accurate eye detection, lock the auto focus of moving object.

Features and Specification of Sony a7 E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor ILCE-7 Body/Kit:

  • The camera lens E-mount and the E-mount lens feature is only supportable Sony cameras.

  • Camera sensor is 35mm in size with advance EXMOR CMOS sensor.

  • The minimum pixel supportable by this model is approx 24.3 megapixels and maximum supportable up to approx 24.7 megapixels.

  • The image sensor aspect ratio for this model is in 3:2.

  • The media supported by this model are SD memory card, SDHC memory card, SDXC memory card, etc. and have the multiple memory slots for media storage.

  • The “Image Edge Software” is compatible for this camera model. Due to this facility, User can maximize the image quality, improve efficiency of production.

  • The one touch feature for sharing the photos, videos and media files with Mobile, smartphone, or tablets. The user can also utilize this function with remotely.

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  • The video quality of this camera is up to 60 pixel with Full HD clear viewing. The full HD camera recording have the resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The a7 model is also support the 24 pixel movie recording.

  • How Photos are lost from Sony camera?

    The basic things are not follow by us during taking photo from Sony camera. Some of the below reasons for photo lost from Sony camera:
    • The memory card use by the camera model is not supported.

    • The SD card use by Sony camera is already affected by virus or, malwares.

    • Taking photos from camera when battery of that camera is down or, is in battery saver mode.
    • Connect the memory with virus affected computers.

    • By mistake photos are deleted by you.

    What are steps to recover lost photos from Sony camera?

    Some steps can use to recover lost photos from Sony camera are mention below:
    • Remove the SD card of that camera and connect to other supported device. Check the files on other device. Some times your camera is not read such files where photos are stored.

    • Switch off your camera, exit memory card from camera and re enter into camera.

    • Connect your camera with your personal computer and open that memory card folders, and check the files are available in your memory card or not.

    • Do not check the photos in your Sony camera during the battery saver mode or, battery down, due to in battery saver mode the camera is not read the files and also some functions are not working at that time.

    How to recover lost photos from Sony camera automatically?

    Above mention manual steps for recover the lost photos from Sony camera are not not follow by you due to taking long time to follow the above steps. Due to above hard steps you can face difficulties to recover the lost photos. You can recover lost photos by soft ways utilizing the “Sony Photo Recovery Software”.

    The “Sony Photo Recovery Software” is the best software to recover the lost photos due to by mistake deletion, files corruption, and also by accidentally format your memory card. The “Sony Photo Recovery Software” is use for major cameras, and basically use for all type of Sony cameras.

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    What are features and specification of “Sony Photos Recovery Software”?

    Some Features and specification of “Sony Photo Recovery Software” are mention below:
    • The software is use to recover the SD Card that are use for the media storage. This software is used to recover photos from mini, micro, SDHC, SDXC, memory stick, smartmedia, multimedia card, etc.

    • It can also recover photos from SD card of company are Sony, Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Pentax, Kodak, etc.

    • The photo recovery software is work easily with computer which have the media storage of 2TB.

    • The software required the system which have the Pentium Class processor. Operating system of Windows 10, 8,7, Vista, XP. The memory also must have 1 GB RAM and hard disk of space 100MB.

    What are the steps to recover the lost photos by using “Sony Photo Recovery Software”?

    The “Sony Photo Recovery Software” is use by following steps in your personal computer or, laptop are given below:
    • Buy the photo recovery software, install in your computer, open that software and start scanning.

    • The driver install in your computer or, laptop is allow to start scanning process.

    • Now, the scanning process will start in your system after few seconds. After completion of scanning process, list the folders of memory card which indicate the each file formats and start display at left pane.

    • Now, click open each folder for viewing the contain files in it. Star previewing the files by using the UP and Down keys.

    • Finally, you can recover either one by one or, select all files, then after that click on recover icon. The software start displaying the all photo files.

    • Now, open the folders of memory card in your computer and Sony camera and check the lost photos.

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