Recover Deleted Files From Sony Digital Camera

Digital camera plays a very important role in our modern life style. Gone are those days when the digital camera was very expensive and a luxury of only rich people. Nowadays, market is flooded with lots of cheap and features enriched cameras. Sony is one of the world leaders in digital cameras. They make the best quality cameras. Whether you are just a hobby photographer or you are a professional, Sony has a wide range of cameras for all groups of people of all range. They are also constantly working hard to develop new and advanced cameras to stay ahead of the competition.

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There can be troubles with a camera from Sony. For instance, you can lost photos due to a virus infection. Files will become inaccessible on the device if such a case occurs. You can not install anti virus software on a camera. Some times, people also delete pictures accidentally. People often delete important files while deleting the junk. Some times an important file is left on the card before formatting it. In these kind of scenario you will need a software which can help you fight the infection or recover your files. Sony Photo Recovery is such a magical software which can solve all problems from your Sony digital camera.

Other Features of Sony Photo Recovery software

It can recover all types of photos, videos, audio and raw files
Restores files safely which were damaged due to accidental deletion, formatting, corruption, damage and virus attack
Supports latest versions of Windows and Mac operating system
It can resume the recovery from previously scanned and saved files
Provides preview of files before recovery
Performs recovery and restoration operations from USB, digital camera, android phone and hard disk

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