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How to quickly restore lost photos from a5100 E-mount camera

Are your memorable Photos get deleted from a5100 E-mount camera? Does it happen by mistake that all media image get deleted from the Device? Are you looking for the solution to restore the damages or corrupted file without making any loss? You must see the below guidelines to resolve the issues.

a5100 E-mount camera is one of the reputed models which is developed by a Sony company. Besides the lens, there are lots of top-technical features have been included in the camera, such as the SLR-like design with an extended grip, rear control switch, electronic viewfinder, approx 24.3 megapixels with CCD technology, manual shooting modes, optical image stabilization, large 7.5 cm wide type TFT drive and many others. This type of stylish camera can be used by professional photographers as well as novice users. It is known as ultra zoom camera which offers advanced 12x zoom lens and another cool optical telescope lens. Furthermore, like other series of Sony camera, it also compatibles with SD, SDHC and other several brands of memory cards to store photos, videos, and other files. It has a maximum shutter speed is 1/4000 to 30 sec and also compatible with Wi-Fi. It supported the Full video recording which is in the high-quality XAVC S codec with the capability to shoot at 1080p in 60, 30 or 24 fps frame rates. This model provides the facility with seven customizable functions buttons to control over numerous settings and modes. It gives a touchscreen LCD to permits intuitive control over image playback and menu navigation. It has also the ability to generate touch-to-focus and shutter for pinpoint accuracy.

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Features of a5100 E-mount camera

  • Fast AF films: It provides the facility to the users to get exact focus on the object and also tracking your subject at the time of shooting movies. It also offers to set your tracking duration and AF drive speed for full control over the film during shooting.

  • HD movie Record: Using of P/A/S/M modes, you easily control how the image looks and zoom your image with extra clarity. This model recorded you all video in full HD video include the AVCHD and MP4 codecs. It also uses the integrated HDMI type D output such as 1080i60 and 1080p60 uncompressed 8-bit 4:2:2 video in order to an optional external recorder.

  • Upgrade Lock-on AF: This model camera easily tracks the moving subjects with the help of optimal AF point at any time and set the target frame to subject characteristics.

  • Gives One-touch remote and one-touch sharing: using of one-touch remote to control on a digital camera and in a smartphone as a viewfinder. One-touch sharing means to transfer or share your files, audio, video from your camera. It provides the facility to easily generate wireless connection by touching your device to the camera to share it instantly.

  • 180º LCD screen: This model has a 7.5 cm LCD screen that is 180º. Using this features to shoot the video at every angle, from low to high and in between. It has the great flexibility to capture the video.

  • Inbuild pop-up flash: It offers to shoot the video in low light as well as capture the photos in night landscapes. Using of Rear Sync mode to capture the path of a moving subject in a natural way.

  • 6 fps continuous shooting: capture your photos even when your photos are in a moving mode along 6fps. It captures and tracking the exact subjects anywhere on the screen with clarity and crispness.

  • Track speed moving moment with 179 AF points: using this, it covers nearly the whole image area and enhance the subject size detection as well as scene. It also offers to high-precision contrast-detection AF points to capture with full confidence.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity: using of this features easily share your image to mobile devices for direct transfer to social networking through email and cloud storage sites.

  • Besides of this advanced speification and features, you lost or corrupted your photos from a5100 E-mount camera.

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There are the main reasons behind to lost photos from a5100 E-mount camera

  • Due to virus or malware attack in the SD card: the capacity of Sd card is limited and when your SD card is full then you have to move your files to the system. In case your system is infected with virus then your SD card also affected with it then corrupted or lost all your photos or video.

  • Due to ejecting SD Card continuously: SD card is used for storing the photos and video so, use it carefully in any device. Sometimes, your SD card is not installed properly in your device and in such cases, corrupted your photos.

  • Due to the Power supply: During capture the photos from this camera and sudden power off then it may also lead to corrupt your files and folders.

However, in some of the situation, your captured memorable Photos get deleted from the a5100 E-mount Camera. This incident will cause really upset, while storage device suddenly get damages and you have no solution to retrieve it back. If you are looking for the solution, our expert recommended using Sony Photos Recovery Software to easily restore entire damages file without any new modification. This software is more efficient in use to restore any type of formatted files such as Images, Audio, and Video. It will easily handle by the person and can prevent you to lost of damages or corruption of the file. This software tools is the best tools and also designed with advanced algorithms to get back corrupted data and files in an effective way. This toolkit is easy to use and no need for technical knowledge about it to handle. This software tool is completely safe and secure to restore your files in just a single click. So, you must be using their trial version and for more experience, you need to purchase the Sony Photo recovery tools.

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