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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony RX0 ultra-compact Shockproof Waterproof Digital Camera

Did you want to recover deleted photos from Sony RX0 ultra-compact shockproof waterproof digital camera? Have you not able to recover lost media files from the android phone? Are your memorial movies or videos have corrupted from the digital camera? Have you received an error while browsing the recently clicked images and videos? If you are getting these types of issues then you quickly need to recover deleted photos and videos from Sony RX0 ultra-compact shockproof waterproof digital camera and download the best recovery tool that we recommend in this post.

Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera: Information

Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera is once of the best digital camera that was well-manufactured by the Sony company. This camera is designed in the way that it is looking just a mobile phone. It is a very famous digital camera due to its feature of the waterproof feature. Another best feature of this camera is shockproof where the camera doesn't harm if the camera drops from the height of 6.5 ft. The users of this digital can record videos or movies is very slow motion. If the user wants to record fast movies or videos with high-quality feature then they can also get this facility on them. The users should need to know that, the quality of the video of recorded videos has 4K features.

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Features and Specification of Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera:

Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera has some features and specifications on them thus they will get the best facilities from them. Some of its features are given below:

Sensor Feature:

About its sensor, the sensor type is used in this camera is 1.0 type of Exmor CMOS sensor where the user can easily sense the objects. The number of pixels provided in this sensor is approximately 21.0 megapixels. Due to its large resolution, the user can take photos for long-distance placed objects.

About its Lens:

If we talk about its lens, then it has the ZEISS Tessar T lens on them where the 6 elements have divided into 6 groups. Its clear zooming is about approx 15 megapixels. That’s. Why the user can click high quality or resolution of photos by getting the help of this lens.

Touchscreen Feature:

Here, this camera has 3.8cm of touchscreen which is type of TFT LCD screen display. The brightness control facility also included on them where it is manually distributed in 5 steps.

About Camera:

The best quality of the camera is included in this camera which has BIONZ X type. The focus mode of this camera is single shot, preset focus, and manual focus also.

The shooting modes provided by this camera are Program Auto mode, Manual Exposure mode, MR (Memory Recall) mode, Movie Mode (Intelligent AUTO), Movie Mode (Program Auto), Movie Mode (Manual Exposure), HFR Mode (Program Auto, Manual Exposure), Intelligent AUTO mode, and Superior Auto mode also.

Picture Effect of Camera:

There several pictures that effect this camera are Pop Color mode, Posterization mode, Retro Photo mode, Soft High-key mode, Partial Color mode, High Contrast Mono. mode, Soft Focus mode, HDR Painting mode, Richton Monochrome mode, Miniature mode, Watercolor mode, Illustration mode, and for record Movie: Pop Color mode, Posterization mode, Retro Photo mode, Soft High-key mode, Partial Color mode, High Contrast Mono mode.

Supported External Card:

For the users, here the user can insert external memory cards are Memory Stick Micro 10 card, Memory Stick Micro (Mark2)10 card, microSD Memory Card10 card, microSDHC Memory Card10 card, and microSDXC Memory Card10 only.

What are the causes of Photos Deletion from Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera?

The Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera users have got the photos deletion issues there are some reasons behind this. So, check out below causes of photos deletion from this camera are:

Virus or Malware Infection:

If the user is connected to their DSLR or digital camera with the infected or contaminated computer then the threat gets to enter into them. The saved media files get corrupted from the camera and the user can not access those types of files.

By Click on Delete Button:

Sometimes, the digital camera user has mistakenly tapped on the delete button while browsing the saved files. The camera will delete all files that are saved into them.

Accidentally Format of Camera:

The camera users is most of the times formatting their camera while they are regularly getting slow working issue.

Suddenly Removing the Memory Card:

The users have done the mistake of suddenly removed the memory card from the camera when they are browsing the saved files or images.

Due to Utilizing Memory card in Multiple Devices:

The users are also doing that, they are using the external memory card in different devices. Thus, in this case, the saved files on the card are getting disappeared and also have a chance to lose pins of that card.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera Automatically?

If the users have not got the success to recover deleted photos from Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera then we recommend downloading Sony Photo Recovery Software This recovery software supported almost all digital camera models like Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, LG, Panasonic, Nikon, Olympus, and many more also. It also has a trial version for the satisfaction of the users, it is working or not? But the user needs to download the full version of this software to get recover encountered lost or deleted photos from the DSLR or digital camera.

Features of Sony Photo Recovery Software:

The users should need to know the features of Sony Photo Recovery Software which are given below:

Repair Corrupted Media Files:

This software is most of the success to repair corrupted media files from all digital camera models. Once they repair the corrupted files then it will recover them on its original place and time as well.

Recover Lost Files in Seconds:

The best feature also is that the user can recover lost files from any DSLR or digital camera within seconds. So, if the user has lost files then they do not need to worry about it.

Quick Retrieve Deleted Movies:

Sometimes, the user has deleted the saved movies from the camera while browsing the camera. Thus, then at that time, we recommend using this recovery software to retrieve deleted movies or videos into the camera.


So, the user immediately needs to recover deleted photos from Sony RX0 ultra-compact camera then download the Sony Photo RecoverySoftware. This is an awesome recover software and can easily be used by the user.

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