Simple Guidelines to Restore Lost Pictures of Sony Cybershot DSC-WX800 Camera

Hello guys! I have captured lots of photos and videos in my sister's marriage ceremony with the help of Sony Cybershot DSC-WX800 Camera. While transferring the pictures, I don't know how my laptop got turned off. When I reboot the system and tried to begin the process then I was shocked to see that all the photos were corrupted. In fact, my SD card was also blank. I can't afford to lose all the files and looking for best recovery tips. If you have any idea about the ways to recover deleted photos then please help me. Thanks a lot in advance.

An Introduction of Sony Cybershot DSC-WX800 Camera:-

Sony Cybershot DSC-WX800 Camera is an advanced camera which with 18.2MP compact high zoom feature. It supports 180 degree tiltable LCD screen with touch operation. It is known as world's smallest camera with 24-720mm zoom range. This camera will help you to capture high quality photos as well as 4K videos in order to keep your memorable moments safe. Moreover, it comes with retractable OLED view finder and control ring feature. Additionally, it comes with 0.09 sec fast intelligent AF, fast and precise eye Af features. Moreover, it also allows the users for 10fps continuous shooting up to 155 frames. This camera has been designed by using sophisticated algorithms and high performance gryo-sensor which helps in reduction of shake during hand held shooting. It will help you to take clean and beautiful images in few seconds. This camera is available in black color at an affordable price.

Main Causes for Photo Loss from Sony Cybershot DSC-WX800 Camera:-

No matter how careful you are while using the digital camera, a single silly mistake can leads to complete photo loss situation. Some of the common reasons for file deletion or corruption has been mentioned below:-

Malware Infection: It is the biggest reason for damage of files. If you will connect the digital camera with infected PC then your SD card may get compromised. In such a case, you may lose all the files.

Accidental Deletion: As you know, people captures lots of unwanted photos which occupies huge space in the memory. While deleting such files, if you will accidentally select the important pictures then you will face data loss situation.

Formatting of SD Card: Sometimes, the SD card of the camera gets corrupted due to unwanted circumstances. In such a case, you will be unable to add more files nor delete them. To deal with such situation, user attempts to format the card. If you will proceed without storing backup then you can lose all the files.

Using Camera in Low Battery Mode: Many users does not charges the battery of their camera and uses it continuously. It can results to abrupt termination of device and you will lose all the data.

Changing File Extensions: Some pictures are incompatible with various photo viewer application. In order to make them compatible, if you will change the file extensions manually by renaming it then your file can become inaccessible.

Manual Guidelines to Restore Lost Photos of Sony Cybershot DSC-WX800 Camera:-

We are providing manual guidelines for photo recovery. It will help you to get back your deleted or corrupted files in easiest ways. So, follow the guidelines carefully.

Recovery from Backup: Almost every user stores the backup copy of their important files at different location. If you have also saved the copy at other location then you can easily restore them manually.

Restore from Google Drive: If you have saved the backup of the files in Google Drive then you are suggested to login the drive using the Google account and download all the essential files according to your requirement.

Restore from Windows: If you have copies the files in your Windows PC then you are advised to make use of Restore previous session of Windows. You just need to select the data on which the photo was working file. Windows will automatically gets restored to the same date and you will get your files easily.

Download from Web: After capturing the photos, if you have uploaded them on social media or share with your friends then recovery will become simple. You can login to such accounts and get back all the files quickly.

Important Point for No-vice Users: The above mentioned manual steps will only work when you have created backup copy earlier. In case of no back, it is quite impossible to get the deleted or corrupted files manually. To restore permanently deleted pictures, users are advised to make use of third-party software.

How to Recover Deleted Pictures of Sony Cybershot DSC-WX800 Camera?

If you have tried all the methods but still facing photo loss situation then you are advised to make use of Sony Photo Recovery. Software. It is one of the advanced tool which is increasing popularity among the users. It supports user-friendly interface which is helpful for the beginners. After installing the application, you need to begin the scanning process. It will make use of high level mechanisms and powerful algorithms to detect the lost files as well as repairs the corrupted ones. After successful process, it will display the preview of the recovered files and allows the users to save them at their desired location. The trial version of the software is also available. You can check its working efficiency by downloading the demo copy now. After complete satisfaction, you can purchase full version of the software.

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