Fix Memory Card Parameter Error In SONY Camera

SONY camera users may encounter “memory card parameter error” some day. The error is related to the flash memory card. The basic reason for the occurring of this error is incorrect formatting of the memory card. Flash memory card is with the limited capacity of 4GB. To increase capacity of SD card up to 32 GB flash card is used as extension. For increasing the capacity the card uses sector addressing in different form byte addressing. Now when the card is wrongly formatted then the error is occurred. When you try to access the card the message is displayed as “Memory card error, Memory card parameter error.”

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When you receive this error your memory card becomes inaccessible so it becomes very important to fix memory card parameter error. There are certain conditions that are responsible for this error, some of them are

  • The card reader you are using is faulty
  • Memory card not correctly formatted
  • Corrupted memory card

To fix memory card parameter error the ultimate solution is to perform reformatting of the memory card. Before reformatting do not forget to create back up of the photos stored in the memory card. As formatting erases all the photos stored so you can restore the photos back from the backup created. If you fail to restore the photos or if you forgot to create backup then use third party application to recover back the photos. SONY photo recovery software is an ultimate solution that easily recovers lost photos from almost all worse situations of photo loss. The application is with easy steps and user friendly interface even novices can use it without any technical assistance.

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