Sony Photo Recovery

Sony Photo Recovery

The SR2 file format is a proprietary raw image file format created by Sony.

The raw images are made of unmodified sensor data that's packaged up metadata that can easily be modified / altered before it gets exported to common format like .tiff or .jpeg.

Contrary to popular belief, SR2s are bigger than JPEGs, i.e. the sr2 raw file store with 12 –b 15 per pixel while jpegs are 8 bits.

So it's clear that the raw image file are about 6 times larger than the standard JPEG file size.

The CCD sensor of Sony digital camera of course captures this data in all its definition and depth.

It's kept or stored without any applied effects or without compression.

Almost all SR2 files are linked with the Sony R1 camera line that are a popular series of digital SLR cameras.

The raw images are stored as .sr2 file extension.

Some people say the raw images are like digital "negative" because like negatives, the raw images aren't used directly.

However, they contain all the information necessary to make a complete image, so a more accurate description would be they're like exposed but undeveloped film.

Meaning, you can "develop" the SR2 different ways to get different results in your usable image format.

And, yes, the procedure to convert the RAW file into viewable file format is called "developing" the raw image.

(How 'bout that??)

But being that we're merging creativity / documentation with technology, there are a lot of places for things to go off the rails.

Sometimes, this means the .sr2 files get hoarked (or deleted), so now what??

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Some major causes of inaccessible raw files are:

  • Taking out memory card while the camera is on
  • Camera turns off while the SR2 raw file is being written
  • Damaged or Hard drive malfunctioning
  • Accidental deletion of images
  • Memory Card formatting
  • Memory card corruption
  • Error encountered
  • Virus infection
  • Incompatibility with other software

Due to any of the situation occurrence, like when you're starting a digital magazine, the .sr2 file gets corrupt thus results in .sr2 file deletion and this means complete raw image deletion or loss of raw files.

So in this situation user must not get panic rather try to resolve the problem. In this situation backup plays an important role, so if user has kept updated backup then things have become easy, simply restore raw .sr2 file with the backup and get happy.

But incase no backup is kept then in that situation user would have to go for professional Sony Photo Recovery Software.

The software performs advanced scanning with its powerful algorithm thus results in retrieving damaged or corrupted files safely in minimum time without making any alteration in original file.

The software has easy to use interface thus can easily be used by users without technician help.

Users can trust on this application, as it recovers deleted data from damage or corruption without knowing the exact reason of corruption.

Thus it only does its work without wasting time, thus this application is one of the best option to restore deleted raw .sr2 files.

Photo recovery software supports almost all camera card types SD Card like: SanDisk, KingMax, Transcend,Kingston, Sony, Lexar, Toshiba, PNY, PQI, Panasonic, FujiFilm, Canon, Samsung, Qmemory, Apacer, PRETEC, Olympus, HITACHI, SimpleTech, OCZ Flash Media, Delkin Devices, and almost all digital camera memory card brands type.

Features of best digital camera photo recovery software are discussed below:

  • It recovers almost all kind of photos, audio, video and raw file
  • Safely restore entire images that were lost due to damage, formatting, accidental deletion, corruption, virus attack
  • Supports Windows and Mac operating system
  • Has feature to resume the recovery from previously saved scanned files.
  • Perform recovery and restoration of photos from hard disk, android phone, USB, digital camera
  • Provide preview of files before recovery.

Users can opt for a freeware / trial Sony photo recovery software version, but the trial version has limitations in that it'll show you what it *could* recover, but won't actually let you recover it.

As such, it's wise to go for the paid version of the Sony Photo Recovery software which doesn't have any limitations and is also available with many additional benefits.

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Note: By clicking the Download button above and installing Stellar Photo Recovery Software ($49.99 USD), I acknowledge that I've read and agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy of this site.

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