How to recover Lost Photos from Sony a7s E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor

Is your photos are not showing in memory? Your Camera is not supported memory card? Do you want to get back the corrupted photos in memory card? All these questions have answer in this artile. To get the Lost photos of memory card you can follow these steps.

A7s E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor is the worlds first frame sensor camera which have 4k video quality, also have interchangeable lens and small in size. This camera contains 12.2MP full frame with CMOS sensor which is most useful for high photo quality in darknight and broad daylight. The camera have the processor of BIONZ X high speed performance of working and also low noise of taking video. The camera is light in weight, body is made up of magnesium alloy. This camera model is oudoor dust resistant and moisture resistant. One of the most disadvantage of this camera is not water proof or splash proof.

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Features and Specification of Camera a7s E-mount are:

  • 12.2 MP full frame exmor CMOS Sensor, is the technology for camera images which is more sensitive. The exmor sensor technology is utilize for sensing the photo in darknight and broad dayilight. The 35mm full frame sensor have the hiogh qulaity of sensing the images.

  • Full frame feature of this camera is utilize for making the film with handle. Making the film capacity for long time.

  • The Tilt LCD screen is utilize for taking the photo or video. This technique is utilize for capture the images and videos with various positions. The Screen have the high resolution for better quality of image and videos.

  • The One touch sharing feature is utilize for share the photo and videos with your smart phones and tablets by switch on wifi facility of smart phone and your camera.

  • The capture one is one of the tool in this camera model have its own editing the photo and videos in your personal computer.

  • The quick navi pro option is utilize for the time of taking the photos and videos. The quick button of camera which are at the top of camera utilize for adjust the picture quality, zooming, trouble shoot, etc.

  • The High Dust and Moisture Resistant is use for making the camera for the users, they can take photo and videos in sandy areas. This feature is beneficial for users which love to take photo in moisture areas and dust areas.

  • This camera model have the high video quality due to XAVCS format. The XAVCS format is most use by the video graphers to make high quality video and also for the broadcasters. This technology is utilize for professional movie makers and also for video broadcasters.

  • The multiple recording facility is utilize by this camera for adapt best video qualities. By using the AVCHD or, XAVC S code for editing the video quality and also for playback the videos on big screen.

How Photos of Sony Camera gets Damaged?

There are lots of reasons responsible for damage of photos. Some of the important points are given below:-
  • Due to virus attack at the times of connecting the computer.

  • If delete the all files in memory card.

  • Due to format the memory card.

  • The memory card is support to that particular camera.

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How to Repair Damaged Photos Manually?

Now below are the steps for recover the memory card of your camera:

Remove memory from camera and re enter to camera.

At time of remove your memory card, remember that your camera is turn off or not. If your camera is on, in that case the memory card may be corrupted before remove the memory card turn off your camera.

By using the Sandisk in built solution, this steps is utilize for deleted files from SD card. Sometimes the are not read by the camera, then in that case right click on the driver letter then select properties. In such cases free space is showing due to files are deleted or, the directory may be erased. The deleted files are restore by using the Sandisk in built solution in your memory card.

By reinstall the driver, first connect the memory card with your computer, open My Computer then right click on my computer and select the Manage option. Click on Device Manager option which is available left side of that page. Then after that double click on Desk Drive option which is in list and right click on name of your removable disk drive. Now click on Uninstall button then OK button. Remove the storage media device from your computer and restart your computer. Finally, reconnect your storage media device with memory card and your computer detect the files of your memory card.

How to Recover Deleted Photos of Sony Camera Automatically?

The above steps are maximum times not follow by peoples to back their files, photos,videos, etc. You can also use a software to get back files in your sony camera SD card at a time. By utilizing the software just follow steps to perform their task and get back your files securely. By using the “Sony Photo Recovery Software” to get corrupted files in some easy steps. This software is one of the best software utilize for recover media files due to the deletion, corruption, etc.

The “Sony Photo Recovery Software” is basically use for SD card Recovery. This software is supported recovery of all types of files previews. This software have storage media of 2TB of your computer. The latest version of this software is 8.0 which is also supported to Unicode Files.

“Sony Photo Recovery Software” is used by following steps in your computer are below:

  • To recover all digital images, Movies, and sound files by 2 clicks.

  • To recover all types of video files are MP4, HD MOV and MXF movies.

  • Get Accurate deleted files with date and file name.

  • File Support of DSLR camera are Canon, Nikon and Sony.

  • The software works with supported card company are Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung, Seagate, and WD.

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