How to recover lost images from Sony WX500 Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom DSC-WX500

Hi, I am Jack. My all important images are lost from Sony WX500 Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom DSC-WX500. In the previous month, I had taken a lot of images from my Sony camera but they are showing now. May it happens that if some harmful virus attacks in my personal computer that cause to image lost. So, please suggest the best trick to get my all lost images from Sony WX500 Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom DSC-WX500. Thank you...

Sony WX500 Compact Camera: Details

Sony WX500 Compact Camera is a fully updated digital camera which was launched by the Sony company. This camera has a lot of features that attract to the users. The company is designed this model in such a way that the user gets the best selfie experience by using this model. It improves the selfie quality such that the user is a high quality of images and they can easily take shots. The provides LCD screen of this camera can titable up to the 180 degrees. This Sony camera is much smaller in size and the user can not face any problem while operating them and the user can also carry the,m at the traveling time.

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The Sony WX500 Compact Camera is having the 30 x optical zooming feature where the user can take shots which are too far away from the camera. The lens is used in this camera is ZEISS. The taken shots by 30 x zooming functions also have the high quality of images so the user is not worried about the dummy images.

Specification of Sony WX500 Compact Camera:

The Sony WX500 Compact Camera has the a lot of best features in its self and some of the features are given below:

  • About its image sensor, the Exmor R CMOS sensor type is used in this model and the sensor type is a full advanced feature in itself. This sensor has an effective resolution up to Approximately minimum 18.2 megapixels and maximum up to the 21.2 megapixels. Due to its maximum resolution, the user can easily take the shots of the object which are far away from the camera.

  • The lens type is used in this Sony camera is ZEISS Vario Sonnar lens and this lens contains 11 elements which are divided into 10 groups. The focal length of this lens is in the range of 4.1 mm to 123 mm. It also provides the highest digital zooming which is up to the 120x and by this zooming features the user can record the VGS quality of videos and movies.

  • The screen of this camera is using the LCD type of technology and the size of this screen is 3.0 inches which identify the 921, 600 dots at the time of single photo or shot. The brightness control of this camera is in 5 steps only. The most attractive feature of this camera is that it can move up to 180 degrees and by using this features the user is also taken high-quality selfie images.

  • The company is added the images processing engine in this model which is BIONZ X due to this engine the user can easily browse their stored images from the camera and also it helps to the user to take fast shots at a time. The drive mode of this camera is Single, Continuous shooting, self-timer, and self-timer feature if the user is want to take shots for a time that they want they enter that countdown time and they are taking best shots.

  • The Flash feature of this camera are Autoflash if the camera is needed then it will automatically capture the images, User can also sleeted Flash ON mode only. Flash OFF, and Rear Sync. This flash of the camera is having some range that they reach on them and focus on the object which is in the range of approximately 0.3 m to the 5.4 m for W and approximately 2.5m to 3.0 m for T.

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  • The recording feature of this camera model where the user can store their captured images and videos on them are memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo with high speed, Memory Stick Micro, Memory Card, SD Memory Card, SDHC memory card, microSD Memory card, and many more.

    Reasons of Image lost from Sony WX500 Compact Camera:

    • If the user is damaged their memory card or break down them then the all image are lost from them.

    • In most of the case the user is using the same memory card with other digital or DSLR camera.

    • Some users are locked memory card for their safety purpose but if they are lost password then they unable top to open their saved images files.

    • If the user is getting the message from SD card is that the image can not read but still the user is continue to taking shots then may cause to photo lost or deletion from Sony camera.

    • If the users memory card is not contains the video or image files that are want by the user then the user is unable to open them.

    Tool to recover lost image from Sony WX500 Compact Camera:

    Sony Photo Recovery Software is the best tool to recover lost images from Sony WX500 Compact Camera. This tool has a lot of best features such that the user can not face difficulty to use them. It recovers the all deleted or erased images, videos, screenshots, audio and videos files from the Sony digital camera. This tool is supports to the all famous digital cameras like Fuji film, Samsung, Olympus, HP, Canon, Panasonic, Konica, Hitachi and many more. If this camera is infected by the virus then it also helps to the user remove a virus from the camera. It having the photo rescue program to restore lost image files that are lost or delete due to the improper using off camera. So, download Sony Photo Recovery Software and get recover all lost images.

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