Restore Deleted Pictures From SD Card Of Your SONY Camera

Most of the renowned digital camera uses SD card for storing the pictures. SONY, which is a very popular brand of digital cameras, also uses SD cards for storing its pictures. SD card stands for secure digital and is a non-volatile memory card. it is available in varied form, according to storage capacity SD cards are of 8 MB, 1 GB, 32 MB, 2 GB, 64 MB, 4 GB, 256 MB, 512 MB and 8 GB. other categories are SDHC, SD memory card, Micro SD, Mini SD. SD is very thin and slim and with great storage capacity. However, despite of so many distinguished features you may face the problem of photo loss and SD card corruptions.

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At times we delete accidentally our photos from SD card, later on when we feel regret for our act then it becomes too late. Other reasons behind the corrupted SD card are virus attack, unexpected system shutdown, crashed SD card, formatting, accidental deletion, etc. these reasons are responsible for the photo loss from SD cards. The situation is miserable for the precious photos captured. All of us should develop a habit of making back up of important data. If there is latest backup of the photos then restore your pictures from there other wise to restore deleted pictures from SD card. Otherwise, consult any third party application.

SONY photo recovery software is an efficient too that can retrieve deleted pictures from SD card. The application is with easy steps and GUI that requires no technical assistance.

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