Simple Ways to Restore Photos of Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera

If you have landed at our page then it might be possible that you have accidentally erased all the pictures from Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera. No need to worry now because you have reached at perfect location. This article contains all the essential information about Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera, causes for photo loss or corruption, error messages and the best way to get back its files in just few clicks. So, what are you thinking for, follow the given guidelines in step-by-step manner.

Brief Information about Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera:-

Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera is one of the best camera which supports 24.3MP resolution which captures high quality pictures. It uses APS-C CMOS sensor and BIONZ X with 179 autofocus points which enhances the speed or accuracy of the pictures. It supports burst photography in low light also as it comes with ISO: 100-25600 sensitivity range. This camera makes use of E mount lens which is compatible with all G Master lenses. You will get advanced features like WiFi, NFC and built-in Bluetooth for sharing the pictures wirelessly. It allows continuous video recording for approx 29 minutes and full HD videos. In fact, you will also get selectable frame rates and fully manual control functions. Due to its elegant design and features, it has became one of the popular choice of the users.

Common Causes of Photo Loss from Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera:-

You need to know that there are various factors which are responsible for loss or corruption of the saved pictures. Some of the main points has been mentioned below:-

Formatting of SD Card: Many times, it is seen that user fails to add or remove files from the SD card due to corruption issue. In such a case, you need to opt complete format option which will allow the users to access the card again. If you will proceed without storing backup then you can lose all the files.

Virus Infection: It is one of the common reason behind the corruption of the files. It can happen due to connecting the camera or SD card with the infected PC.

Changing File Extensions: Many users proceeds to change the file extensions manually by renaming the files. It can cause damage of the selected files.

Accidental Deletion: Users captures lots of unwanted photos using the digital camera which will occupy huge space. If you will proceed to remove such files and accidentally click on Select all button and Delete them then you will lose all the pictures.

Low Battery Mode: Some users makes use the camera in low battery mode which can cause abrupt termination of the device. It will affect some files and makes them completely inaccessible.

Common Error Messages after Corruption of Files in Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera:-

You should know that once the file will get damaged, it will start to display unwanted error messages on the screen. Some of the commonly detected error messages has been mentioned below:-

  • Do you want to format the SD card?

  • An unknown error occurred while opening the file.

  • Unable to complete the operation. Please try again later.

  • You are not authorized to access the files.

  • You are trying to open an incompatible format of the pictures.

  • Folder is empty.

  • Read/Write operation failed.

Manual Method to Restore Erased Pictures of Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera:-

If you are looking for best recovery tips of deleted pictures then we recommend you to follow the manual guidelines which are mentioned below:-

  • Restore the deleted files of Sony from the backup copy saved at different locations.

  • Google Drive also keeps the backup copy of the pictures. You can login your Google account and get back the lost files easily.

  • Check for the files in the Trash or Recycle Bin folder of the system.

  • Make use of Restore Previous Session option in Windows operating system and select the date on which file was working file.

  • Download from social media platforms if you have shared on them earlier.

Point to Remember: You need to know that above mentioned manual steps will only work when you have created the backup at different locations. If you haven't created backup of your precious pictures then it is quite impossible to get them back manually. In such a case, user will only need to go for third-party recovery software.

How to Restore Lost Files of Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Mirrorless Camera Automatically?

If you don't want to lose the photos of your memorable moments and wants to get them in easiest manner then we recommend you to make use of Sony Photo Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced tool which has ability to perform deep scanning and restore all the deleted or corrupted pictures in effective manner. Even more, it will also help you to get back videos of different formats from digital camera, SD card of various brands. It is compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac operating system. Additionally, it will never compromise with the files quality and carries ability to restore them in their original format. Moreover, this tool will also display preview of the recovered files and allows the users to save them at their desired location. Due to the user-friendly interface, it can be easily handled by the non-technical users also. So, what are you thinking for, download the trial version of the tool as early as possible. You can also purchase full version of the tool once you are satisfied with its performance and efficiency.

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