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SR2 file format is the proprietary raw image file format develop by Sony. The raw images comprises of unmodified sensor data that are packaged up metadata that can easily be modified, adjusted before it gets exported to common format like Tiff or Jpeg the size of SR2 is bigger than jpeg that is the sr2 raw file store with12 –b 15 per pixel while jpeg is ne with 8 bits. So it is made clear that the raw image file are about 6 times larger than the standard JPEG file size. The CCD sensor of Sony digital camera captured information are contained in it. It is kept or stored without any applied effects or without compression. Almost all the SR2 files are linked with Sony R1 camera line that are from popular series of digital SLR camera companies.

The raw images are stored as .sr2 file extension, it can also be said that the raw images are like digital negative as such the raw images are not used directly but it comprises all the information that are necessary to make a complete image. And the procedure to convert the RAW file into viewable file format is called developing raw image or film. But one should always be ready for the worst part as well. This means that the in case any problem or error occurs in .sr2 file then entire file becomes inaccessible.

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Some major reasons that are responsible for inaccessible raw file are discussed below:

  • Taking out memory card while the camera was on results in corruption
  • Camera turns off while the SR2 raw file were being written results in corruption
  • Damaged or Hard drive malfunctioning and corruption
  • Accidental deletion of images
  • Memory Card formatting
  • Memory card corruption
  • Error encountered
  • Virus infection
  • Due to incompatibility with other program results in corruption

Due to any of the situation occurrence the .sr2 file gets corrupt thus results in .sr2 file deletion and this means complete raw image deletion or loss of raw files. So in this situation user must not get panic rather try to resolve the problem. In this situation backup plays an important role, so if user has kept updated backup then things have become easy, simply restore raw .sr2 file with the backup and get happy. But incase no backup is kept then in that situation user would have to go for professional Sony Photo Recovery Software.

The software performs advanced scanning with its powerful algorithm thus results in retrieving damaged or corrupted files safely in minimum time without making any alteration in original file. The software has easy to use interface thus can easily be used by users without technician help. User can trust on this application, as it recovers deleted data from damage or corruption without knowing the exact reason of corruption. Thus it only does its work without wasting time, thus this application is one of the best option to restore deleted raw .sr2 files.

Photo recovery software supports almost all camera card types SD Card like: SanDisk, KingMax, Transcend,Kingston, Sony, Lexar, Toshiba, PNY, PQI, Panasonic, FujiFilm, Canon, Samsung, Qmemory, Apacer, PRETEC, Olympus, HITACHI, SimpleTech, OCZ Flash Media, Delkin Devices, and almost all digital camera memory card brands type.

Features of best digital camera photo recovery software are discussed below:

  • It recovers almost all kind of photos, audio, video and raw file
  • Safely restore entire images that were lost due to damage, formatting, accidental deletion, corruption, virus attack
  • Supports Windows and Mac operating system
  • Has feature to resume the recovery from previously saved scanned files.
  • Perform recovery and restoration of photos from hard disk, android phone, USB, digital camera
  • Provide preview of files before recovery.

User can opt Freeware Sony photo recovery software trail version but the trail version does not provide genuine free license crack key. As such photo recovery Mac and Windows does not support and has many limitation so it’s completely worthless. It would be wise to go for paid version of Sony Photo Recovery software, this version does not has any limitation and also available with many additional benefits.

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Some Famous Sony camera models are listed below:

interchangeable-lens Cameras
a6500 Premium E-mount APS-C Camera ILCE-6500
a9 featuring full-frame stacked CMOS sensor ILCE-9
a99 II with Back-Illuminated Full-Frame Image Sensor ILCA-99M2
a7R II with back-illuminated full-frame image sensor ILCE-7RM2
a7S II E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor ILCE-7SM2
a7 II E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor ILCE-7M2 BODY / KIT
a7R E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor ILCE-7R
Picture of a7S E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor
a7S E-mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor ILCE-7S
a7 E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor ILCE-7 Body / Kit
a6300 E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor ILCE-6300 BODY/KIT
a6000 E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor ILCE-6000 / ILCE-6000L / ILCE-6000Y
a5100 E-mount camera with APS-C sensor ILCE-5100 / ILCE-5100L
a5000 E-mount Camera with APS-C Sensor ILCE-5000 KIT
a99V A-mount Camera with 35 mm Full-frame Sensor SLT-A99V
a77 II A-mount camera with APS-C sensor ILCA-77M2 Body / Kit
a68 A-mount Camera with APS-C sensor ILCA-68 Body / Kit
a58 A-mount Camera with APS-C Sensor SLT-A58

Some Photo Recovery Software will also help you to recover pictures from given file format:-

RX10 III with F2.4-4 large-aperture 24-600mm zoom lens DSC-RX10M3
RX1R II Professional Compact Camera with 35 mm Sensor DSC-RX1RM2
RX100 IV - The Speed Master with memory-attached 1.0-type stacked CMOS sensor DSC-RX100M4
HX90V Compact Camera with 30x optical zoom DSC-HX90V
HX80 Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom DSC-HX80
RX10 II with 24–200 mm F2.8 Lens DSC-RX10M2
WX500 Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom DSC-WX500
RX1R Professional Compact Camera with 35 mm Sensor DSC-RX1 / DSC-RX1R
RX10 Camera with 24–200 mm F2.8 Lens DSC-RX10
RX100 III Advanced Camera with 1.0 inch sensor DSC-RX100M3
RX100 II Advanced Camera with 1.0 inch sensor DSC-RX100M2
Picture of RX100 Advanced Camera with 1.0 inch Sensor
RX100 Advanced Camera with 1.0 inch Sensor DSC-RX100
HX300 Camera with 50x Optical Zoom DSC-HX300
HX400V Compact Camera with 50x Optical Zoom DSC-HX400V
HX50 Ultra Compact Camera with 30x Optical Zoom DSC-HX50V
DSC-H400 Compact Camera With 63x Optical Zoom DSC-H400
H300 Camera with 35x Optical Zoom DSC-H300
WX350 Compact Camera with 20x Optical Zoom DSC-WX350
WX220 Compact Camera with 10x Optical Zoom DSC-WX220
W830 Compact Camera with 8x Optical Zoom DSC-W830
W800 Compact Camera with 5x Optical Zoom DSC-W800
α7R IV 35 mm full-frame camera
DSC-RX100 V The premium 1.0-type sensor compact camera
RX10 IV with 0.03 s. AF/25x optical zoom camera
RX100 VI - broad zoom range and super-fast AF
α7 II E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor
α6400 E-mount camera with APS-C Sensor
α6100 APS-C camera with fast AF
RX0 ultra-compact camera
FDR-AX33 4K Handycam
α7 E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor
CX455 Handycam with Exmor R CMOS Sensor
DR-AX700 4K HDR Camcorder
AX40 4K Handycam® with Exmor R® CMOS sensor


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